Postcards of Cherokee County South Carolina

Thanks to Jeff Peterson for this note:
'I have a book titled "Cherokee County's First Half Century Through the Lens of June H. Carr, Photographer" by Helen Vassy Callison and Bobby Gilmer Moss, Southern Renaissance Press 1975. On page 5 is the photograph that your post card is copied from. The title of the photo reads:
"Plate VI. Corner of North Limestone and Robinson Streets, across from Settlemeyer Building, ca. 1905. This wooden structure was owned by Samuel Jeffries; The Central Hotel, which was housed here and was owned by Mr. Jeffries, was managed by a Mr. Parrish. At the rear of the building, where the trains made their stops in Gaffney, there was a grove of trees which made an inviting place for resting, and a place where the men of the town frequently gathered to pitch horseshoes."

It's amazing how close the photo and the post card match right down to the number of cross slats on the telephone poles. Later photos of the same area show many more slats on the telephone/power poles."
period - 1907 to 1914
distributor - June H. Carr photographer, Gaffney SC (printed in Germany)
post information - mailed Nov. 14, 1912
recipient if any - Mrs. Nellie M. Little of Warner New Hampshire posted from Newton Mass.
condition and type - VG - divided back. card is used. writing in pencil along top front "where William L. Johnson lives"
collection location - in the private collection of Carson Turner
This is a divided back post card published by Art Photo Greeting Co. of Elizabeth New Jersey. It is unique in that it appears to be a proof for approval. On our next visit to Gaffney we'll try to make a photo for comparison.

Era is post-1920 and pre-1940

Condition is VG, pencil writing on back, corner wear, minimal yellowing (image has been gray-scaled).

Location: in the private collection of Carson Turner



Hotel Carroll - Gaffney South Carolina - "All outside and air cooled rooms. No better place to eat"
The top image is a Curteich numbered 92625 (anyone have a dating book for this number?) which I am guessing dates into the late 1920's or early 1930's (postmarked at Gaffney on November 8, 1939. The second image is not a CT and judging from the cars in the picture it dates into the 1930's. The image at the bottom is also not a CT and appears to date about 1940.
Location: in the private collection of Carson Turner

Irene Park - Gaffney, S. C.
This card is an "Undivided 'Post Card' Back Era" (1901-1907) example postmarked from Gaffney on September 23, 1906. Writing on the front of the card was typical of this period as writing on the back (except for the address) was not permitted. The writer comments "I like the college and place fine..." (BW original image has been gray-scaled)
Location: in the private collection of Carson Turner

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